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About us

We are Wealth Advisors. We specialize in the provision of Family Office services and administration of private property. The Family Office services, which we provide, include the following:

Due to knowledge of the client’s entire property, standard of living and future plans we can organise family wealth and set investment processes so that the property and finance remain protected and, in addition, so that the property value grows and overcomes inflation. In our conception of the Family Office services we achieve better maintenance of the capital creation continuity and property appreciation along with protection against unexpected life situations.

By taking over administration within Family Office we create for the client bigger space for their own self-realization in business, employment and private life.

We are aware of our responsibility and appreciate the trust our clients put in us every day. Therefore, we cooperate solely with strong, experienced and proven partners tested by the market.

Among our typical clients are family businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, doctors and other representatives of the so-called liberal professions. In addition, we cooperate with a number of top sportsmen and institutions.

Our vision

Our vision in providing services to clients is to be based on a holistic approach. It leads us to preserve traditional values, such as discretion, credibility and the education of future generations to the responsibility that always comes with property.

We rely on our clients to feel safe with us. We approach our work with responsibility, respect and humility. For a meaningful future of our cooperation, we bring more effective order to the property of our clients.

We are Wealth Advisors.

Our values

  • Trust
  • Prosperity
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Independency

Wealth Advisors Team

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  • Wealth Advisors s.r.o.
  • Na Příkopě 11
  • Praha 1, 110 00

IČ: 05890284

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